Call in the Night is an experimental radio show and telephone network documenting the nighttime experience

Anyone with a phone can participate for free.

We Call Late

Call in the Night calls you at randomly selected times between 2am and 5am in your local time zone. You can participate while awake or asleep.

You’re Connected

If you pick up, you will hear a short prompt and then get connected with a stranger. You can discuss your dreams or whatever comes to mind for as long as you like.

It’s Recorded

All calls are recorded and archived. The recordings will form the basis of an upcoming experimental radio show.

Every time you pick up you're anonymously connected with a random partner to discuss your dream.

Play the video to hear an example call.

Max Hawkins

Call in the Night was created by Max Hawkins, an artist based in Los Angeles. The project started in an art studio class at Carnegie Mellon University as a way for a tight-knit group of artists to remember and explore their dreams.

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